Distinguished Alumni 2000

Mr. Travis W. Binion,’71


Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Binion began his career at AEDC in 1957 being employed by ARO, Inc. Sverdrup Technology and Calspan, Inc. He held numerous engineering and management positions, retiring in 1994 as Associate General Manager, Calspan, Inc., where he was responsible for all testing activities conducted in the wind tunnels, space chambers, ballistic ranges, and arc tunnels at the Arnold Engineering Development Center. He retired a second time as an engineering consultant in 1998.

As a project engineer, Mr. Binion was responsible for various test projects associated with weapons systems development including turbojet engine-inlet compatibility, with interaction of rocket plume on missile aerodynamic performance using scaled liquid and solid rocket motors and high pressure air for propulsion effects simulation, and with missile base heating. He contributed to the first turbine engine test in Tunnel 16T that qualified the tunnel for live engine testing. In addition, he contributed to the first liquid rocket test in 16T and conducted the first test using high-pressure air to simulate a rocket exhaust plume in an aerodynamic test.

As a research engineer, Mr. Binion was responsible for the formulation, management, execution, and reporting of major research projects. Areas of research included V/STOL and transonic wind tunnel wall interference, engine-inlet compatibility, jet-body interactions, turbojet and rocket engine simulations, and rocket base heating.

As a research supervisor, Mr. Binion directed and contributed to numerous theoretical and applied research projects including mathematical modeling of internal fluid flows; development and evaluation of analytical plume-diagnostic tools; development of engine simulators; evaluation and improvement of test cell aerodynamic performance; development and interpretation of laser velocimeter systems; measurement, interpretation, and modeling of reactive, recirculating combustion flow fields; high angle-of-attack aircraft and missile aerodynamics, external store carriage loads, wind tunnel wall interference and flow quality, and advanced wind tunnel test capabilities.

He has provided consultant services to the Boeing Company for design of three large high Reynolds number wind tunnels, to the NASA National Wind Tunnel Complex project office, and to AGARD, Ames Research Center, Langley Research Center and MicroCraft, Inc, concerning wind tunnel aerodynamic design, operations, flow quality, productivity, test techniques, data acquisition and calibration.

Mr. Binion has been a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the National Management Association, the Sigma XI Scientific Research Society. He has authored 34 technical publications.

Mr. Binion completed his undergraduate studies at Texas Tech University in 1957 earning a BS in Mechanical Engineering, and received his MS from The University of Tennessee Space Institute in 1971.

He presently resides in Bedford County, Tennessee.