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AEDC/UTSI Affiliation

The Institute is located approximately five miles from Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC) an Air Force installation of sophisticated test facilities and laboratories in which the varied conditions of atmospheric, orbital, and space flight can be simulated (AEDC Testing Capabilities).

This proximity to AEDC provides a stimulating environment for graduate study and research. Over the years a very close working relationship has developed between the Institute and AEDC and its major contractor, ATA, Inc. Each year a large number of engineers and scientists from AEDC continue their education through part-time study at the Institute and many have earned advanced degrees. Through appropriate contractual arrangements, several U.S. students of the Institute, serving as Graduate Research Assistants, are selected annually to join with faculty members and groups to participate in development testing and research in the unique aerospace facilities of the Center. In addition, contractor specialists often serve as adjunct professors at the Institute, enriching the UTSI educational program through teaching and research supervision in their chosen fields.

Vendors use AEDC sea level facility to perform validation of sensors on turbofan engine
A General Electric F404 engine in Arnold Engineering Development Complex Sea Level Test Cell 1 is ready for sensor testing in support of Engine Life Extension and Health Monitoring program June 15, 2021, at Arnold Air Force Base, Tenn. (U.S. Air Force photo by Jill Pickett)