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The rapid changes occurring in technology make it essential that a university provide opportunities for continuing engineering studies. The University of Tennessee Space Institute recognizes continuing education as an important and basic responsibility and considers it to be an integral part of the academic programs at the Institute. The Continuing Education programs offered are designed to be responsive to the needs of engineers and scientists, and the skilled craftsman in industry and government. The courses have been carefully selected and emphasis is given to new developments. The courses are conducted by the UTSI staff and by the most qualified persons available in education, industry, government and the private sector.


Fundamentals of Flight Test Engineering

September 11-24, 2017

Course Fee: $10,800

Course Description: This two week short course teaches the Fundamentals of Flight Test Engineering in a comprehensive, exciting format that incorporates academic lecture, 7 in-flight laboratory sessions where the students fly as Flight Test Engineers, and 2 in-flight laboratory sessions where the students fly as Test Pilots in UTSI Aviation Systems research aircraft. Academics and Flight Test Techniques for Performance and Flying Qualities flight testing will be covered. After taking this course, the student will be well grounded in the fundamentals required for performing the duties of a Flight Test Engineer, including aircraft familiarization, airmanship, test planning, and test reporting. An optional capstone flight in a variable stability aircraft is available. The purpose of this flight is to demonstrate static and dynamic flying qualities representative of light aircraft, executive jets, and large transport aircraft. A major aspect of the in-flight simulator is that it represents a modern aircraft equipped with a fly-by-wire irreversible flight control system and an artificial feel system. A variable stability ground simulator is also included in the course.

Work Zone Traffic Control/Flagging

October 10, 2017

Course Description:

Road Safety 365 (Everyday Safety for Local and Rural Roads

November 14, 2017

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