Distinguished Alumni 2001


John M. Rampy


Mr. John M. Rampy is the retired Executive Director, the highest civilian post, for Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC), Arnold Air Force Base, Tennessee. Prior to being selected as the Executive Director, Mr. Rampy served as the Deputy for Operations, Technical Director of Test Operations, Director for Flight Dynamics Test, and Branch Chief for Aircraft and Armaments at AEDC.

Mr. Rampy worked for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Langley Research Center prior to entering the Air Force in 1962. He served six years on active duty at Edwards Air Force Base and fifteen months at the University of Tennessee Space Institute obtaining a Master’s Degree. At Edwards Air Force Base Mr. Rampy was a Research and Test Engineer involved in testing experimental aircraft such as the X-15, HL-10, M2F2, X-24A, XC-142, SR 71 and advanced flight control systems. He also worked briefly at the Air Force Rocket Propulsion Laboratory and was involved in combustion instability studies.

Mr. Rampy resigned from the Air Force in 1969 and worked for Lockheed Missiles and Space Division at Huntsville, Alabama, as the Lead Engineer for Aerodynamics until 1971. He was involved in Space Shuttle studies and analysis and wind tunnel testing of Shuttle concepts. In 1971 he joined Northrop Huntsville as the Branch Manager for Aeromechanics. He directed Space Shuttle, advanced missile studies and aerodynamic test facility operations until joining the Arnold Engineering Development Center in 1974.

During his tenure as Executive Director at Arnold Engineering Development Center he worked to organize the Center into business units. He reestablished customer relations; building strong alliances and confidence with AEDC customers. He worked closely with the Navy to transfer test facilities and build a joint management model for AEDC, and build a National Aeronautics Test Alliance with NASA.

Mr. Rampy is the recipient of numerous awards. The major awards include: Federal Management Employee of the Year, promotion into the Senior Executive Service, Air Force Senior Executive Service Presidential Rank, Auburn University Distinguished Engineer, and the Matthew’s Award (International Test and Evaluation’s highest award).

Mr. Rampy is married to Marilyn Carson Rampy of Decherd, Tenn. He has three children, Michael, Stephen and Janet, and one stepdaughter, Tina Barnes Smith.