Meal Ticket Plan

Pre-paid meal tickets can be purchased at the UTSI Business Office by cash, check or credit card, and non-student tickets may be bought in the dining room.

A “meal” is anything you get from the cafeteria line of equal or lesser value of the plate lunch (meat and 2 vegetables) plus bread, dessert and coffee or tea. Soup and sandwich is also considered a “meal”.

The cost of the meal tickets are non refundable.

Student Meal Tickets

(available to any currently registered UTSI graduate

  • Option 1: $125 for 21 meals with no expiration date.
  • Option 2: $110 for one month’sā€ worth of meals (the month for which the ticket is sold), but use it or lose it. The ticket expires at the end of each month.

Please NOTE: The purchase of either of these tickets by UTSI dorm residents is EXEMPT from state sales tax. Non-dorm students must pay sales tax on the base price as shown above.

Non-Student Meal Tickets (available to UTSI faculty, staff and off campus guests)

  • Option 1: 13 meals (the ticket says 12 and one free meal) for $81.94 (includes tax).
  • Option 2: 5 meals for $30.00 (includes tax).
  • For UTSI employees there is no expiration date. For non UTSI guests, the tickets are only good for 60 calendar days.