Mission Statement

The mission of The University of Tennessee Space Institute (UTSI) is to serve the state of Tennessee and the nation as a resource for the professional develop-ment of engineers and scientists through graduate education, interdisciplinary research and the transfer of technology, particularly as related to the space and aerospace sciences. The Institute is committed both to providing a high quality learning and research experience leading to Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in selected areas of engineering and science and to continuing professional education.
UTSI fullfills its mission by:
Providing a focused academic village environment where graduate education, interdisciplinary research, and industrial technology transfer are accomplished by a nationally recognized faculty and professional staff with the support of outstanding students. High quality accomplishments in selected areas of engineering and science are the primary emphasis.
Building and fostering academic linkages and cooperative agreements with regional educational institutions to provide a synergistic improvement in re-gional academic opportunities and quality while expanding utilization of UTSI’s unique technical expertise. Particular attention is focused on assuring regional cooperation in serving AEDC’s education and training requirements.
Establishing and strengthening industrial alliances for continuing professional education, development of new products, and manufacturing technology development and transfer. Industrial fellowships, graduate cooperative programs, and visiting engineer and scientist exchange agreements are utilized along with advanced distance learning technology to increase significantly UTSI’s support of industry.
Vigorously pursuing enhancement of existing linkages and alliances with the regional government centers for mutual benefit and to strengthen national education and research objectives which are changing and being redefined at a rate not previously experienced by this generation.
Providing quality programs in aerospace propulsion and aeronautics, com-putational mechanics, laser applications and materials processing, energy conversion and environmental science, aviation systems, and engineering management. Future emphasis areas are to include laser assisted manufac-turing, high temperature power plants, and aircraft design.
Enhancing the UTSI academic village environment to provide students, faculty, and staff with a physical support system, including quality academic and research facilities, second to none in this region. First class research laboratories, equipment, and electronic classrooms are provided to support a productive faculty and a high quality and expanding student population. Development, professional training, and upward growth programs are regularly provided to assure the faculty and staff capabilities and attitudes necessary to achieve a true academic village concept. Leadership abilities and ethical awareness are central to the development of faculty and staff and are an emphasis for the education of each student. Further, UTSI is absolutely committed to retaining its cultural and ethnic diversity through affirmative action and other programs.