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29th Quick-Goethert Lecture and Banquet a Hit

The 29th Quick-Goethert Lecture and Banquet was held at UTSI last week and a good time was had by all who attended the event. This year’s lecture was presented by Dr. Thomas Scherer, Vice President of Environmental Control Systems Engineering with Airbus Deutschland, the German headquarters of one of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers.

Scherer’s lecture, entitled “Technological Tendencies and Challenges in Aircraft Design. The A350 XWB,” explained how this new aircraft “brings together the very latest in aerodynamics, design and advanced technologies.”

Professor Scherer said that the A350 XWB, which stands for “extra wide body,” has been designed to compete with Boeing’s 777 and 787 models. Dr. Scherer said that Airbus has been using carbon fiber composites in the construction of their aircraft since the 1980’s, but that they continue to increase the amount of the composite material used with each new model. The A350 XWB contains the highest percentage of carbon fiber composite at 52 percent, with aluminum, steel, and titanium making up most of the rest of the “intelligent airframe.”

Dr. Scherer explained that the benefits of increased use of carbon fiber include fuel savings through weight reduction, which decreases cost and environmental impact, as well as, saving maintenance costs as the composites are both fatigue and corrosion-free.

Other improvements seen in the A350 XWB include an advanced cockpit, expanded room between seats, larger windows, flexible seat configurations that can be changed quickly and easily, quieter engines, re-designed wings to allow faster cruising speeds, and more.

After the lecture, guests walked over to the UTSI Cafeteria for the banquet. With all surfaces decked in gold and white and the windowed wall looking out over Woods Reservoir, the setting was perfect for the lovely event. The dinner included a delicious grilled shrimp and pear salad, winter fruit stuffed pork loin, cranberry pecan wild rice, broccolini and praline apple cobbler, all served by Cyn Shea’s, who catered the event.

With the successful completion of this year’s event, plans turn now to the presentation of the next Quick-Goethert Lecture at the Technical University of Aachen in Germany in the spring of 2008.

2007 QUICK-GOETHERT EVENT—The University of Tennessee Space Institute was proud to host two very special guests from Germany for this year’s Quick-Goethert Lecture and Banquet. Shown left to right are UTSI’s Assistant Vice President for Administration and Finance Dr. George Jensen, Prof. Rolf Henke from Technical University of Aachen, Germany, 2007 Quick-Goethert Lecturer Professor Thomas Scherer, UTSI COO Dr. Don Daniel, UTSI Assistant Vice President for Research Dr. Angie Bukley, and UTSI’s Dean for Academic Affairs Dr. Bruce Bomar. –UTSI Photo by Shanna Relford

QUICK-GOETHERT LECTURER HONORED—UTSI COO Dr. Don Daniel is shown with this year’s Quick-Goethert lecturer Professor Thomas Scherer just after presenting him with a plaque in honor of his participation in the Quick-Goethert Lecture Series. — UTSI Photo by Laura Horton

QUICK-GOETHERT BANQUET AT UTSI—Everyone applauds as UTSI COO Dr. Don Daniel notes some of the special guests present for the banquet, which included Winfried Goethert, son of UTSI founder Dr. B.H. Goethert, and his wife, Gay; Rep. George Fraley and his wife, Betty; this year’s lecturer, Professor Scherer; previous lecturers Mr. Robert E. Smith, Jr., and Dr. Gary Flandro; as well as executives from SGL Carbon, LLC. The first course of the delicious meal, Grilled Shrimp & Pears over Fresh Baby Greens with Raspberry Vinaigrette, is just being served in this photo.
–UTSI Photo by Laura Horton