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Facilities & Operations

Maintenance of the UTSI campus buildings and grounds is the responsibility of the Facilities organization. The building and grounds maintenance group and office staff are located in the brick building behind H wing of the main academic building. The custodial services office is located at the back of lower D wing.

In addition to maintenance and custodial services, Facilities is responsible for Shipping & Receiving, mail, office supplies, the telephone system, physical security (guard service and locks/keys), and the waste water plant. New students are directed to Facilities to obtain office keys, and mail box keys.

The goal of Facilities is to make your time on campus pleasant and productive by providing a safe, clean and comfortable work environment. Please contact us for your maintenance and custodial needs.


Students from the NanoHELP research group give a walkthrough of their lab and discuss how their research group is working to develop sustainable energy through hydrogen.

Low Speed Wind Tunnel

Joel Davenport, director of engineering research operations at UTSI, walks through using the low speed wind tunnel located on the UTSI campus to conduct an experiment for the Air Force.

Talon Lab

Haley Goldston introduces the TALon lab which houses UTSI’s Mach 4 Ludweig Tub, Mach 7 Ludweig Tube, and the Mach 6 Wind Tunnel.

Residence Hall Phone Services

Each dormitory room is equipped with one telephone number. The number may be dialed directly from outside the University by dialing 39 and the 5 digit extension. These numbers are restricted to local and toll free calling.

Each number has a voice mailbox and caller ID. Telephones are provided in each dorm room, however students may provide their own telephone.

Mail Services

The UTSI mailroom processes USPS, FedEx, and intra-campus University related mail. All University mail, either USPS or FedEx, must have a signed and completed Mail Form. The form provides account charged and delivery service.

Mail Delivery and Pick-up times

  • Mailroom location: Lower D-Wing
  • Staffed: Business days from 1400 – 1430.
  • USPSMail received at the mailroom or Physical Plant prior to 1030 will go out the same day.
  • Mail received at the mailroom or Physical Plant after 1030 will go out the next business day.
  • FedEx will go out the same day, provided it is received at the mailroom or Physical Plant by 1515.
  • Note: A courtesy email will be sent if the time changes.
  • UPS is not used by the University, but still delivers to UTSI and will pickup packages with a prepaid UPS label. Reminder, a UPS pickup will only occur when UPS has a delivery for UTSI.


UTSI does not provide services for personal postage. Visit your local post office if you need a stamp.

Personal Mail

  • Students. The mailroom will process personal mail for dorm residents.
  • Faculty and Staff. The mailroom is not responsible for processing personal mail for Faculty and Staff. As a courtesy, the UTSI mailroom will process outgoing personal mail that has postage.
  • Retirees, Graduates, Others. It is important that personnel departing UTSI provide a forwarding address prior to leaving the campus. If a forwarding address is provided, the mailroom will forward mail received to the address provided for three (3) months following the date of departure. After three months, mail received will be returned to sender. If a forwarding address is not provided, mail received will be returned to sender. USPS Online Change of Address Form
  • Exception to the Rule. If you are sending a personal UPS or FedEx package you can leave it at the Physical Plant for pickup, provided the package has a prepaid label.


Packages received will be available for pickup at the Physical Plant; personal delivery services by the mail clerk is not provided. The recipient will be notified by email or phone that they have a package at the Physical Plant for pickup. Unless otherwise notified, the recipient will have 3 business days to retrieve their mail, if not retrieved within the established timeframe, the package will be returned to sender.

Helpful Links

Zip Code Search+4
UPS Tracking
FedEx Tracking
USPS Online Change of Address Form

Surplus Inventory

The University of Tennessee maintains an online web auction site for the sale of surplus equipment from the University and related organizations. The Space Institute participates in this program by occasionally placing surplus items for sale on the web site (web link below). The web auction site is open to the public. Institute employees may participate as long as this is not done on Institute time or using an Institute computer.

Please fill out this form and contact Facilities to pick up equipment for disposal.
Recycle / Surplus Tag

Furniture Ordering

All university furniture purchases will be made through Physical Plant, POC Susan Murphy.  For planning purposes, links to the current furniture being ordered are provided below.

If you have a furniture need not listed, contact Murphy and provide her with a description of what is desired, she will research the request and provide options of what is available.

When submitting a furniture order to Murphy, approvals are required.

Contact Us

Mailing Address:
Physical Plant
MS 29
The University of Tennessee Space Institute
411 B. H. Goethert Parkway
Tullahoma, TN 37388

Facilities Director:
Susan Murphy
Phone: 931-393-7311
Fax: 931-393-7531