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ERC Election

You are voting for an individual to represent your occupational category on the UTSI Employee Relations Committee for the period 2022-2023.  The persons listed below, in alphabetical order, have been nominated to serve as a representative from your occupational category.  These individuals either asked themselves to be listed on the ballot or were nominated by another individual and are willing to serve.

The requirements for Committee membership are as follows: (1) be in a staff non-exempt status, (2) be on non-probationary regular appointment, and (3) have at least one year of continuous service credit with the University.  The individuals listed below meet the requirements for committee membership to the best of the knowledge of the Secretary of the Employee Relations Committee. 

You may vote for any individual in your occupational group, including an individual whose name does not appear below.  You may vote for yourself.  All non-exempt employees in an occupational group may vote in elections.  Election will be by simple plurality.  In the event that an individual is elected who does not meet announced committee membership requirements, the committee membership will be awarded to the individual with the next highest number of votes who meets the membership requirements.  Any questions or comments on the election process should be referred to Committee members from the preceding year or to the Director for Human Resources, Equity & Diversity, and Compliance.