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ERC Nominations

Please nominate two (2) individuals to serve as your representatives on the UTSI Employee Relations Committee for calendar year 2024-2025. You may nominate yourself.

The requirements for membership on the Employee Relations Committee are that the individuals (1) be in a staff non-exempt status, (2) be on non-probationary regular appointment, and (3) have at least one year of continuous service credit with the University.  If the employees listed below do not meet these criteria or some employees are not listed, they are ineligible to serve as an ERC representative at this time.  Individuals may not immediately succeed themselves.

Please see below for a current listing of the eligible employees in the ERC occupational group of which you are a member. (Please note that the Technical Services group has been combined with the Secretarial and Clerical group. This was necessary due to the limited number of available employees in each of the two occupational groups.) Please choose the names of two (2) persons whom you would like to nominate for membership on the 2024-2025 Employee Relations Committee. You may nominate yourself if you wish. 


The 2023 ERC members and ERC chairperson will review the nominations to verify that requirements have been met.  Nominees will be contacted to request permission to have their name offered on the election ballot.  By agreeing to appear on the ballot, the nominee is expected to serve his/her two-year term if elected.  Election information will follow at a later date.