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Procedures Introduction

These human resources policies and procedures apply to staff exempt, staff non-exempt, student, and probationary employees, and a few policies and procedures also apply to certain academic employees. The classifications of employees are defined in Human Resources Policy 105, Subject: Employment Status. Further, each policy statement describes the classifications of employees to whom the policy and the accompanying procedure apply.

  • Section 100 Employment
  • Section 200 Affirmative Action
  • Section 300 Benefits
  • Section 400 Compensation
  • Section 500 Employee Conduct
  • Section 600 Employee Relations
  • Section 700 Safety and Health

Associated with most policy statements is a human resources procedure issued by The University of Tennessee Space Institute. The procedures outline the application and administration of the subject policy at this unit. Interpretation of policies (as they apply to UTSI) and procedures is made by the Human Resources Director in conjunction with the Executive Director.

Revised policies and procedures and, as appropriate, tables of contents will be made available as changes occur. Suggestions for changes to policies or procedures may be made to the Human Resources Director. All Human Resources Policies and Procedures are subject to change at any time at management’s discretion (University-wide Administration for policies and UTSI for procedures.)