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HR – Procedure 125

Section 100
Proc. 125
Subject: Exit Interviews
Effective: 07/01/78
Revision (4): 06/03/08

Terminating employees are expected to clear all personal debts owed the University and to return all University property before leaving University employment. Final wage payments may be withheld until this is accomplished.

All terminating employees are expected to out-process through the UTSI Human Resources Office and to participate in an exit interview. The supervisor or terminating employee may contact the UTSI Human Resources Office to schedule the out-processing and exit interview. However, out-processing should be initiated by the employee on his/her next to last duty day.

Before leaving the University, an employee who was a member of the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System prior to July 1, 1981 may request a refund of his/her contributions. To request a TCRS refund, the terminating employee must request an Application of Member for Refund of Accumulated Contributions Form from the UTSI Human Resources Office. This TCRS notification as appropriate is a standard element of the out-processing effort.

NOTE: See also UTSI Human Resources Procedure 160, Subject: Termination of Employment.