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HR – Procedure 143

Section 100
Proc. 143
Subject: Recruiting
Effective: 7/1/87
Revision (7): 07/01/2015
This procedure provides guidelines for recruiting for staff positions. All recruiting must comply with affirmative action guidelines, policies, and procedures.

Please refer to the UT Faculty Handbook for information pertaining to faculty recruitment.

Steps for Hiring Regular Non-exempt Staff:

  1. Department completes and submits the Request to Search form to the UTSI Human Resources/Equity and Diversity (HR/E&D) Office.
  2. Upon approval of the request, HR/E&D will post the position on the university on-line applicant tracking system web site for a minimum of seven working days.
  3. If the department wishes to advertise the position more widely, they may contact HR to arrange external advertising.
  4. HR will forward (by e-mail) to the department all applications for candidates who meet the minimum qualifications of the position.
  5. The department determines which of the applicants to interview and HR in coordination with the hiring department schedules the candidates for interviews. The department generally conducts all the interviews.
  6. At the close of the interview process, the department chooses a candidate for the position then contacts HR to discuss the selection and salary options (see step 4 below).
  7. Once salary options have been determined for the candidate, the department submits a request to hire form to the UTSI HR/E&D Director.
  8. HR will make an offer to the candidate through the on-line applicant system and/or by telephone, and inform the department of the hire. If the candidate declines the position, the department will be contacted to determine next steps, such as hiring another interviewee or re-advertising the position.
  9. A “reason for rejection” should be submitted to HR on all applicants who were referred and NOT hired.

UTSI HR will schedule the new employee for orientation, and in the case of an internal transfer, will process the necessary paperwork for transfer employees.

Steps for Hiring Exempt Staff:

  1. The hiring of Exempt Staff will follow the same general procedures outlined above for hiring Non-Exempt Staff.
  2. In addition, searches for upper level positions (i.e. Chancellor, Vice President, Provost, Vice Chancellor, Dean, Assistant and Associate Dean, Department Head and Director when equivalent to administrative head of an academic unit), require the completion of a Narrative Summary prior to step 5 above (prior to the beginning of interviews), which is to be submitted to the Director for HR/E&D. Once approved, interviews (step 5) may begin.
  3. Steps 6 through 9 above are to be followed to complete the search..

Steps for Hiring Limited Duration (LDA) Exempt Employees:

  1. The department considering hiring an employee in a limited duration exempt position must first contact the UTSI HR Director to determine potential eligibility for limited duration status. Documentation must be provided explaining the reason for the position. The documentation must include, at a minimum: a) the specific project for which an LDA needs to be hired, b) the budget for the project, specifically indicating the amount the LDA will be paid, c) the reason for the immediate need to hire an LDA. (i.e. must make an immediate hire, plans concerning a fully-approved search, etc.)
  2. Once the LDA request has been approved, next steps concerning the recruitment/hiring process will be determined.
  3. Employees appointed to limited duration positions must be informed in writing that the position is for a limited duration expected to be up to twelve months. HR will prepare and send the official offer letter.
  4. An extension may be required. However, the total length of any limited duration regular appointment may not exceed thirty-six months. Any request to extend the appointment must be submitted on a Request to Search (Renewal) prior to the expiration of the twelve month period, and must follow the same approval/signature route as the original request. An approved extension will not have to be posted or advertised. However, the employee must be notified in writing of the extension. If the position exists for thirty-six months and the department wishes to continue the position, a full affirmative action search must be conducted. Pending the outcome of this search, any continued appointment must be on a term basis.

Determining Pay

The hiring department will work with the UTSI HR Director to determine a starting salary based on HRO Policy 455, Pay Rates. The UTSI Executive Director may make exceptions within HR policy.

Background Checks/Reference Checks

UTSI HR will conduct background checks on new hires. The university further reserves the right to conduct pre-employment drug tests on applicants who have been involved in drug-related crime or whenever the university has reasonable suspicion of drug use. References will be checked and position requirements verified.