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HR – Procedure 145

Section 100
Proc. 145
Subject: Reduction of Force, Elimination of Externally-Funded Positions,
and Reduction of Hours
Effective: 07/01/78
Revision (4): 07/01/2015
At the departmental level, the proposed process for a reduction in force must be explained in writing. Each department will consult with Human Resources as the process is being planned. Within each department affected, the functions that will be eliminated should be identified. Determination of which positions will be eliminated and which employees will be laid off should be based on the following factors: department or area, functions eliminated, job title, position title, continuous service date, and the employee’s ability to perform the required work.

Prior to announcing any layoffs, specific plans for reduction in force must be reviewed and approved by the UTSI Executive Director in consultation with UTSI Human Resources. Human Resources will work with the General Counsel’s Office as appropriate. Employees should be given as much written notice as possible prior to their termination date as is reasonable under the circumstances (a minimum of a 30-day advance notice). Human Resources shall make reasonable efforts to transfer affected employees to another department in which a vacancy exists for which they are qualified.

Positions eliminated by a reduction in force cannot be reinstated for one year after the layoff unless the employee laid off is offered the opportunity to be reinstated in the position. Laid-off employees will be provided information on how to apply for vacant positions at the university.