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HR – Procedure 160

Section 100
Proc. 160
Subject: Termination of Employment
Effective: 08/01/78
Revision (5): 07/01/2015

University policies on Discharge, Reduction in Force, Death, Retirement, and on any other cause resulting in termination shall be observed.

The UTSI Human Resources Office shall initiate proper documentation for all terminations. Employment out-processing shall be accomplished through the UTSI Human Resources Office before the release of the employee’s final paycheck.

In terms of voluntary resignation, it is expected that the employee will give a minimum of two weeks notice. The employee is expected to be present during the final two weeks of his/her employment at The Space Institute, if the health of the employee permits. This is to provide for the suitable conclusion of work in progress and for a smooth transition to the next occupant of the position. It is expected that the terminating employee will start his/her out-processing the next to the last day of employment. All accrued vacation will be paid in a lump sum. An employee will not be allowed to take accrued vacation after his/her last working day.