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HR – Procedure 305

Section 300
Proc. 305
Subject: Annual Leave (Vacation)
Effective: 7/1/78
Revision (5): 08/01/2019
All regular full and part-time monthly paid employees document annual leave (vacation) on their monthly time sheet. The leave record of bi-weekly employees is maintained on the bi-weekly time reports. Failure to accurately report time and attendance may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

The anniversary date for employees with a break in service (two or more periods of employment or leave without pay) is computed for the purpose of annual leave accrual as follows:

Determine the total number of days for which pay was earned as a regular full time employee of The University of Tennessee, state agencies, state colleges, state universities and the Tennessee public school system.
Subtract the total (to the nearest month) from the current appointment date.
The result is the constructed date of employment to be used as the anniversary date to determine the rate of annual leave accrual.
Prior service as a student or temporary employee cannot be counted because such employees are not eligible for the accrual of annual leave.

Annual leave may not be taken until accrued.

If a staff exempt or staff non-exempt employee has accrued more annual leave at the start of the calendar year than may be carried forward, the excess is transferred to sick leave.