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HR – Procedure 307

Section 300
Proc. 307
Subject: Benefit in the Event of an Employee Death
Effective: 04/01/77
Revision (5): 07/01/2015
To facilitate prompt disbursement of this benefit, an employee may designate a beneficiary to whom such payment will be made by obtaining a Designation of Beneficiary form from the UTSI Human Resources Office. This designation is revocable at any time by submitting a new designation to the University. Submission of a properly executed form will therefore automatically cancel any previous designation.

The Human Resources Office will coordinate procedures to ensure that beneficiaries or the estates of deceased employees are promptly informed of any benefits to which they may be entitled. This will be accomplished through the following steps:

The supervisor or Department Head of a deceased UTSI employee shall notify the Human Resources Office of the employee’s death, date of death, and name of next of kin, if known. The UTSI Human Resources Office will prepare the termination form and the Final Salary and Death Benefit Payment form.
A Survivor Assistance Report will be completed by the Human Resources Office after contacting or referring the survivor, executor, or administrator to the various areas listed on the report. Once completed, the Survivor Assistance Report will be placed in the employee’s personnel record.
In the event of the death of a retiree, if needed, the Human Resources Office will assist the survivor, executor, or administrator in obtaining information on applicable services and benefits.