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HR – Procedure 330

Section 300
Proc. 330
Subject: Educational Assistance (Fee Waiver)
Effective: 07/01/78

Revision (11): 05/01/2021

Because undergraduate courses are not available at UTSI, eligible employees may take courses at State of Tennessee institutions in accordance with this procedure. Employees meeting the eligibility requirements stipulated in the accompanying human resources policy may take undergraduate or graduate course(s) per quarter or semester at a State of Tennessee institution with full or partial remission of tuition fees according to percentage time worked, under the provisions of the UT/UTSI Educational Assistance (Fee Waiver) Program. An additional undergraduate or graduate course may be applied for under the provisions of the State Fee Waiver Program, discussed in the accompanying policy. Links to the fee waiver forms for these programs appear at the end of this procedure. Copies of the forms may be obtained in the Human Resources Office.

The UT/UTSI Educational Assistance (Fee Waiver) Program provides a positive seat registration for the particular class in question. Registration for courses through the State Fee Waiver Program is on a space-available basis. A registrant using the State application form may be bumped from the class if it fills up with cash-paying registrants.

The UT/UTSI form is utilized for registering for fee waivers for up to nine (9) semester (quarter) hours of undergraduate or graduate courses per term. The form is completed by the employee down through the employee signature. The division director/supervisor then reviews and signs the request if approved. The Human Resources Director then reviews and signs the form if approved. The employer certification signature should be obtained no earlier than 30 days before the fee payment deadline for the semester. Signatures may be obtained and submitted beginning July 1 for Fall semester, November 1 for Spring, and April 1 for summer. Copies of the form are produced at the Human Resources Department. The original is turned in by the employee to the institution at registration in lieu of total or partial tuition fees, a copy is kept by the employee, and a copy is kept by the Human Resources Department. The State form is completed similarly. Again copies are produced in the Human Resources Department. The original is presented at registration by the employee, a copy is retained by the employee, and one copy is kept in the Human Resources Department.

All applications for waiver of tuition fees under either program must be approved by UTSI prior to regular registration. There is no provision for reimbursement to applicants who pay for registration with personal funds.

Bi-weekly paid employees who are working a modified work schedule due to day classes cannot use leave without pay unless all accrued annual leave is exhausted. If hours missed for classes cannot be made up at alternative times and if accrued annual leave is exhausted, the employee may wish to consider asking to have appointed hours (percentage time) reduced, but accrual of time for longevity pay purposes may be affected.

An employee requesting waiver of tuition fees under the UT/UTSI Educational Assistance (Fee Waiver) Program agrees to reimburse UTSI for the cost of the tuition if he/she fails to complete a course, fails to pass a course, or terminates employment prior to completion of a course. Employees with any fees waived under the UT/UTSI program agree to notify the Human Resources Department promptly if he/she fails to complete a course or fails to pass a course.

Registrants are asked to send to the Human Resources Department a copy of the grade report for any course for which tuition fees were waived in total or in part through the UT/UTSI Education Assistance (Fee Waiver) Program.

Current employees of UTSI have an opportunity to increase base pay by completing additional degree work. See UTSI HR Procedure 455, Pay Rates for more details.

Forms: Contact the UTSI Human Resources Office.