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HR – Procedure 335

Section 300
Proc. 335
Subject: Educational Leave
Effective: 01/01/80
Revision (4): 07/01/2015
Requests for Educational Leave must be submitted in writing to the employee’s supervisor for his/her approval and must specify the length of leave requested and program of study to be pursued. In addition to the supervisor, the Director of the Department of Human Resources and Services and the UTSI Executive Director must approve the requested leave.

Retirement service credit while on approved Educational Leave will be granted in accordance with the referenced UT Policy. Employees seeking retirement service credit while on Educational Leave must route requests through the UTSI Department of Human Resources and Services at least three months in advance of commencement of leave.
Persons who wish to maintain memberships in group insurance plans while on educational leave are reminded to contact the Department of Human Resources and Services as far as possible in advance of the period of educational leave. In that way a determination can be made of the amount of payment necessary by the employee to maintain these coverages, and arrangements can be made for making the payment since it must be made in advance of the leave.