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HR – Procedure 345

Section 300
Proc. 345
Subject: Group Insurance
Effective: 07/01/78
Revision (8): 07/01/2015

Refer to the State of Tennessee Benefits Administration Eligibility and Enrollment Guide for Higher Education Employees for current eligibility and enrollment guidelines.

Group insurance information is furnished to eligible new employees at the time of in-processing. The insurance representatives are responsible for verifying that new employees have executed the necessary insurance coverage forms within the appropriate enrollment period or have waived this coverage.

Changes in the insurance program and benefits are made available to employees by the Human Resources Office. The State of Tennessee Eligibility and Enrollment Guide for Higher Education Employees and all supplement materials contain important information on the insurance programs.

Employees are responsible for submitting their own claims to their insurance companies. Insurance materials and contact information may be obtained from the Human Resources Office.

If an employee needs assistance in solving problems with the insurance company, hospitals, druggists, or doctors, the Human Resources Office may work with the employee to help reach a solution. The state group insurance program considers protected health information (PHI) private and confidential. In accordance with the federal Health Insurance Portabiliy and Accountability Act (HIPAA), policies and procedures are in place to protect health information against unlawful use and disclosure.

Any changes in an employee’s dependent status; that is, marriage, divorce, child reaching age limit, new birth, etc., should be reported immediately to the Human Resources Office.