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HR – Procedure 355

Section 300
Proc. 355
Subject: Leave of Absence
Effective: 07/01/78
Revision (10): 07/01/2015

An eligible employee desiring a leave of absence should submit a written request stating the reasons for the leave and the anticipated period of leave time. The request must be approved by the immediate supervisor, the Division Director/Program Manager, the Director of Human Resources, and the UTSI Executive Director. If the request is approved, the Director of Human Resources will notify the employee in writing indicating the type of leave, the effective date, and any special circumstances concerning the leave of absence.

Leave of absence is normally used by regular employees in those cases where the employee cannot work because of illness/injury and/or other personal or family reasons (refer to policy 335338355370 and 397 to determine your specific type of leave).

Depending on the type of leave, the individual on leave of absence is ordinarily replaced if at all with a term appointee. In certain circumstances it may be deemed necessary to make a regular appointment to a position vacated by an individual on leave of absence. If a term (temporary) appointment is made to fill the employee’s position during his/her absence, the employee will be returned to his/her position after the leave of absence unless the position has been eliminated due to lack of funding or any other reason. If the position vacated by the employee during the period of the leave of absence was filled by a regular employee, the returning employee’s application will be referred for all vacant positions for which the employee is qualified, consistent with the referral periods referenced in Human Resources Procedure 143, Recruiting. (Upon return from family leave, an employee shall be restored to his/her position or to an equivalent position with equivalent pay, benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment.)

After approval of the leave of absence, regular employees must complete all required forms through the Department of Human Resources at least two duty days in advance of the first day of the leave of absence, and also discuss the continuation of benefits. An out-processing form must be completed.

Employees returning from a leave of absence will in-process through the Department of Human Resources on the first day of return from leave. If an employee wishes to return earlier than the anticipated ending date of the leave of absence, he or she should notify the supervisor and the Department of Human Resources as soon as possible in advance of the desired early return date. Employees who return early from a leave of absence will be accommodated, if possible, under the same conditions as if the employee had returned on time. However, an employee whose position has been filled by a term (temporary) appointment must give a reasonable advance notice.

In the event it is necessary for an employee to request additional leave, the employee should make this request in writing to the employee’s supervisor specifying the reason(s) for additional leave in accordance with this referenced policy. The additional leave will be considered in the same manner as the original request. The total length of leave normally shall not exceed two (2) years.

If an employee is late in returning from a leave of absence without advance written notice and procurement of approval, the employee will be treated as a “voluntary quit” as discussed in Policy/Procedure 160 and 580.