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HR – Procedure 382

Section 300
Proc. 382
Subject: Sick Leave Bank
Effective: 01/01/1989
Revision(1) : 07/01/2015


  1. Who May Join?
    • Any regular staff member who has accumulated a minimum of 48 hours of sick leave may elect to enroll in the SLB, by contributing a minimum of 24 hours to the bank. Enrollments are held April 1 through June 30 of each calendar year.
  2. Grants of Sick Leave Bank Days
    • As long as an employee has been a member of the SLB for 30 days, and has used all accrued leave, he/she may apply for SLB. Application is made in writing via the Sick Leave Transfer Request Form, and requires medical certification. If the request is for a pre-existing condition, there will be a six-month waiting period before a grant will be made. Each initial grant of sick leave days is limited to a maximum of 160 consecutive working hours for each illness/injury. Extensions of SLB days may be granted up to 720 hours in a twelve-month period for any one illness, recurring illness, or accident.
  3. Unused Sick Leave Bank Time
    • Any unused SLB time is returned to the bank.
  4. Recipient Guidelines
    • Recipients of donated time from non-member donors must be SLB members, approved for SLB days, have submitted medical certification, and have exhausted all personal accrued leave and SLB days. The maximum any participant may receive during employment is 720 hours. No recipient can be approved who is receiving any other form of compensation, such as social security disability, workers’ compensation or disability retirement.
  5. Department Responsibilities
    • The department of any employee who receives Sick Leave Bank time must maintain accurate leave records/information; code the leave as SLB days after exhausting the employee’s other leave accruals.
  6. Long-Term Illness or Disability
    • Any employee whose condition is considered long-term or a disability should file a claim with the Social Security Administration.