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HR – Procedure 383

Section 300
Proc. 383
Subject: Sick Leave Transfer Between University Employees
Effective: 01/01/1995
Revision (1): 07/01/2015

To permit employees with at least 160 hours of accrued sick leave to transfer a minimum of 80 hours of that leave to a qualified member of the Sick Leave Bank (SLB).

Who is affected:
Any employee who has 160 hours of accrued sick leave may participate as a donor for a particular recipient without enrolling in the SLB. Employees may not donate more than one-half of their sick leave balances to an SLB member.

Donation by Employees Who are Not Members

Any employee who desires to donate accrued sick leave hours to another employee who is a member of the SLB may do so, so long as he/she has accrued 160 hours, and contributes a minimum of 80 hours. Transfer is made via the Sick Leave Transfer Request Form, and provides the name of the recipient and the number of hours being donated. The maximum any employee can donate during employment is 720 hours. If a recipient of non-member donated time does not use all the time donated, it should be returned to the non-member donor.

The remaining procedures are well-established in HR Policy 0383. Please refer to the policy for these procedures.

See also Sick Leave Bank, HR0382; Sick Leave, HR0380; Annual Leave HR0305; Family and Medical Leave, HR0338, Personal Leave, HR0373.