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HR – Procedure 397

Section 300
Proc. 397
Subject: Workers’ Compensation
Effective: 7/1/78
Revision (12): 08/01/2019

The following actions shall be taken in cases of reportable occupational injuries and illnesses:

Workers Compensation Claim Procedure
TO FILE A CLAIM – if medical treatment required

Steps to follow:

  1. REPORT the accident/injury to your supervisor and to the Third-Party Administrator (TPA) immediately.
  2. The injured employee shall call the Workplace Injury & First Notice of Loss (FNOL) Call Center at 1-866-245-8588, option #1, immediately after the occurrence of the incident. The injured employee will speak with a 24/7 registered nurse to evaluate the nature of the injury and determine immediate care or treatment options. If medical treatment is recommended, the nurse will direct the employee to the nearest State-approved medical provider. The State will not pay any medical expenses incurred from a physician, not in the network. Call 911 for Medical Emergencies. If the employee is receiving emergency treatment and unable to call, the employee’s supervisor or designee may report the injury to call center at 1-866-245-8588, option #2.
  3. EMPLOYEE AND/OR SUPERVISOR MUST COMPLETE AND SIGN the “Injury Report” immediately and return it to the UTSI Human Resources office.
  4. Employee and supervisor must read the Workers’ Compensation Procedures handout and sign stating they have received and read this document. This is required by the State Division of Claims.

FORMS TO COMPLETE: (return to UTSI HR asap)

  1. “Injury Report”
  2. Workers’ Compensation Procedures

PRESCRIPTIONS: If the injured employee might need a prescription, please stop by the UTSI HR office for a “First Fill” form to take to a participating pharmacy. This form allows the employee to fill initial prescriptions with certain limits at no cost to them.

If claimant should employ an attorney, only a Board of Claims attorney should respond to questions or comments from either the claimant or the claimant’s attorney. Advice on handling these types of situations may be obtained from the UTSI Human Resources Office.

If questions or concerns, please contact the UTSI Human Resources Office, ph: 931-393-7226 or ext. 37226.