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Unmanned Aircraft System Approval Form

Please read and acknowledge the following

The UAS will not be operated:

  • In a manner that violates this policy, including without limitation, violating federal, state, or local laws or regulations
  • Inside University buildings or facilities
  • On University-owned streets or University-owned sidewalks
  • Above a human being who is either not directly participating in the operation of the unmanned aircraft or not located under a covered structure that can provide reasonable protection from a falling unmanned aircraft
  • Outside the hours of official sunrise and sunset
  • In a manner that blocks or substantially impedes vehicular, bicycle, pedestrian, or other traffic
  • In a manner that blocks or substantially impedes entrances or exits to University property
  • In a manner that substantially disrupts or interferes with University operations, events, or activities
  • In a manner or in a place that unreasonably threatens the health or safety of another person
  • In a manner that monitors or records an area where a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy
  • In a manner or in a place that unreasonably threatens damage to University property

All UAS devices:

  • Must give way to manned aircraft at all times
  • Must not be flown above 400 feet
  • Must not be flown over people not involved in the operation of the aircraft

All persons operating UAS must give prior notice of the operation to the airport operator and the airport air traffic control tower for all airports and heliports within a five (5) mile radius of the proposed area of UAS operation. NOTE: The UTSI campus is not within five (5) miles of an active airport or heliport).

Unmanned Aerial Systems Procedure

You must read, understand, and agree to follow the UT Knoxville Unmanned Aircraft Systems Policy.

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