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Student working in physics lab mixing chemicals


The MS and PhD degree program at UTSI is for those with a strong desire to become subject matter experts in the research areas of biophysics, atomic and molecular physics, laser physics, chemical physics, quantum optics, spectroscopy, fluid physics, and theoretical physics. 

This program is an integral part of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and the degree requirements for physics students at the UTSI and at Knoxville campuses are identical. 

  • Physics, MS, PhD
  • Astrophysics, MS, PhD
  • Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Low Temperature Physics, MS, PhD
  • Biophysics, MS, PhD
  • Chemical Physics, MS, PhD
  • Condensed Matter and Surface Physics, MS, PhD
  • Elementary Particle Physics, MS, PhD
  • Energy Science and Engineering, PhD
  • Geophysics, MS
  • Mathematical and Computational Physics, MS, PhD
  • Nanomaterials, PhD
  • Nuclear and Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics, MS, PhD
  • Theoretical Physics, MS, PhD

*Note: The first two years of coursework takes place at UT Knoxville campus.