Annual Service Awards Held

Thursday, May 12, 2011
Writer: Scott Van Zandbergen

Annual Service Awards Held

On May 6, 2011 the University of Tennessee Space Institute (UTSI) held its annual Service Awards Luncheon to recognize employees who have reached service milestones in their careers at the Institute. Employees of UTSI are recognized for each five years of continuous service to the University. The service awards were presented by Dr. Robert Moore, Executive Director for UTSI.

Receiving their five-year award were Lino Costa, Bill Hofmeister, and Joel Davenport of Tullahoma. For ten years of service were Chris Armstrong and Kate Lansford of Manchester, along with Roger Bass from Winchester, Robin Nee of Normandy and Penny Oliver from Belvidere. Receiving their twenty-year award were Dee Merriman, Beech Grove, and Pam Ledford, Tullahoma. For twenty-five years of service were Betsy Harbin, Tullahoma, and Bob Rhodes, Estill Springs. For thirty years of service was Susan Murphy, Manchester. Diane Chellstorp, Tullahoma, was recognized for thirty-five years of service and Trevor Moulden, Tullahoma, for forty years of service. Not present for the ceremony, but deserving recognition for their service to UTSI are: Five years, Samantha Baker, Decherd; twenty-five years, Lloyd Davis, Tullahoma; thirty years, Pam Selman, Winchester; thirty-five years, Gary Payne, Decherd, and Horace Crater, Lavergne.

Following the Service Awards, Dr. Charles Johnson, Associate Executive Director, recognized the 2010-2011 Student Government Association President, Resident Assistant and the Outstanding Graduate Research Assistant – Michel Akiki received all three awards. Not present, but deserving recognition for his service as the 2010-2011 Faculty Assembly President is Dr. Peter Solies.

Closing this year’s luncheon was Ms. Patricia Burks-Jelks, Director for Human Resources, who acknowledged the service provided by the members of the Employee Relations Committee (ERC). The 2011 ERC Committee members were Tonya Battles, Natallia Kaptur, Pam Ledford, and Jack LeGeune.

         Service Award Recipients are pictured above and are as follows,
front row, l-r: Pam Ledford, Kate Lansford, Diane Chellstorp, Lino Costa, Betsy Harbin, Robin Nee, Penny Oliver and back row, l-r: Joel Davenport, Robert Rhodes, Roger Bass, Chris Armstrong, Trevor Moulden, Susan Murphy, Dee Merriman, and William Hofmeister.

— Photo by Laura Horton