AED, CPR & First Aid Kits


UTSI currently maintains ten Automatic External Defibrillators (AED’s) for public use which are located in numerous areas across the campus. Each AED can be readily identified as a white wall mounted box accompanied by a prominent AED sign. Designated personnel have been trained in the use of AED and CPR in the event of an emergency.

AED Locations

8101 Main Building Lower A Wing Hall (Outside Auditorium)
8101 Main Building Lower B/C Wing Stairwell
8101 Main Building Library G-117
8103 Student Center Lobby
8105 Physical Plant Room 102 (Break Room)
8121 Dynamics Building Entrance
8137 Airport Office in Hallway
8184 CLA Main Hallway (Lab Area)
8185 Propulsion Building Room 113 (Adjacent to Restroom)
8189 Materials Testing in Main Hallway



In addition to personnel trained in the use of AED’s, UTSI also offers annual certification training in CPR. Training is offered free of charge on a first come first served basis to any faculty, student or staff members that wish to participate. Class size is generally limited to a maximum of 15 participants and certification is good for two calendar years from date of training. Notifications of upcoming training will be distributed via email.

Current CPR & AED Trained Personnel:

Samanthia Baker
Tonya Battles
Misty brown
Brian Canfield
Vicki Carr
Jack Cobourn
Joel Davenport
Kathlene Franklin
Terry Garner
Vinod Gehlot
Charlotte Henley
Laura Horton
Jonathan Kolwyck
Lee Leonard
Courtney Maricle
Becky Stines
Alexander Terekhov
Carole Thomas
Hang Wang
Doug Warnberg
Gaoqiang Yang


First Aid Kits:

First aid kits are located throughout the campus as well as in all Physical Plant vehicles. These kits are to be used for minor medical issues such as cuts, abrasions, insect stings and minor burns. Please refrain from taking more supplies than needed for the situation at hand. If you find an inventory deficiency in any kit, please notify at 37208. For emergencies, a trauma bag is available in the Safety Office at C-103 of the Main Building.