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Causeway on UTSI Road Now Open

The University of Tennessee Space Institute’s Director of Facilities Wes McMinn is proud to announce that the repairs to the causeway on UTSI Road are complete and that the road is now open to through traffic. AVISCO, Inc., an Oak Ridge-based contractor, completed the repairs that required the road to be closed on Thursday, June 26. “I am pleased to be able to re-open the road, particularly in light of exceptionally high fuel prices, but I’m even more pleased to know that cars will now be traveling on a much safer road,” said McMinn. In addition to repairing the erosion damage, preventative measures were taken to protect the causeway banks from future erosion, the road has been re-paved and additional guardrail has been added. The causeway before the repair work is shown above, and after, below.

–UTSI Photos by Wes McMinn