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CEAR Archived News

Learn about what the CEAR Group has previously accomplished and past events at UTSI!

Laura Lash

Lara Lash Attends Chancellor’s Honors Banquet

Lara Lash was awarded the University of Tennessee Chancellor’s Citation for Extraordinary Professional Promise 2015 at the Chancellor’s Honors Banquet in Knoxville on 8 April 2015.

first major refactoring of the TEMPEST software

TEMPEST Version 2.0

The first major refactoring of the TEMPEST software is nearing completion, and will be available soon for students, faculty, staff, and collaborators at the University of Tennessee Space Institute.

Version 2.0 boasts significant improvements as well as parallelization of the software to work across multiple processors and beowulf-style clusters. The software is capable of resolving compressible, viscous laminar and turbulent flow with coupling to either resistive magnetohydrodynamics, electrostatics, or the full Maxwell equations.