Faculty Research Focus Areas

The focus of the mission-related research programs of the Center is the application of lasers and associated technology to bio/nanophotonics, materials science, laser materials interaction, energy/power and spectroscopy. These focus areas of specialization were selected to correspond to known areas of scientific and engineering challenges and to areas of development and regional and national needs.

For a more indepth look into the research of our faculty, see the following faculty reports.



  • Lino Costa – devices for cellular chemotaxis
  • Jacqueline Johnson – storage phosphor materials for mammography
  • Christian Parigger – photo-acoustic imaging, diagnostics and applications
  • Feng-Yuan Zhang – MEMS/NEMS, micro/nano fluidics

Materials Science

  • Lino Costa – phase transformations, laser cladding and modeling of direct metal deposition
  • Christian Parigger – laser-induced materials physics
  • Jacqueline Johnson – development of glass imaging material

Laser Materials Interaction

  • Lino Costa – laser cladding and femtosecond laser machining
  • Trevor Moeller – laser ablation dynamics and modeling of laser ablation for space propulsion
  • Feng-Yuan Zhang – micro/nano manufacturing multifunctional materials


  • Charles Johnson – Mössbauer spectroscopy
  • Christian Parigger – ultrasensitive spectroscopy and combustion diagnostics
  • Feng-Yuan Zhang – Tomography, Diode-laser absorption spectroscopy, thermography

Non-Equilibrium Fluid Physics

  • Trevor Moeller – plasma physics and combustion
  • Christian Parigger – laser-plasma physics, combustion and fluid phenomena and computational modeling
  • Feng-Yuan Zhang – hypersonic flow and reaction