Course Requirements

(32 hours required for both thesis & non-thesis option)

EM Core Courses (required) 9 hours

IE 516 Statistical Methods in Industrial Engineering
IE 518 Advanced Engineering Economic Analysis
IE 522 Optimization Methods in Industrial Engineering (for students with undergraduate degree in IE)
EM 537 Analytical Methods for Engineering Managers (for students without undergraduate degree in IE)

IE Seminar (required) 2 hours

IE 550 Graduate Seminars (1 hour course)

EM Concentration Courses (required) 9 hours

EM 533 Theory and Practice of Engineering Management
EM 534 Financial Management for Engineering Managers
EM 536 Project Management

IE Technical Electives – Select (3 hours thesis) or (6 hours non-thesis) with major professor

IE 514 Advanced Information Systems
IE 515 Production and Inventory Systems
IE 517 Reliability of Lean Systems
IE 519 Human Factors Engineering and Ergonomics
IE 522 Optimization Methods in Industrial Engineering
IE 526 Advanced Application of Systems Modeling & Simulation
IE 527 Lean Production Systems

*NON-THESIS OPTION ONLY* Students with an undergraduate industrial engineering degree may substitute 3 hours of graduate coursework in another engineering discipline, if approved by the major professor.

EM Management Electives – Select (3 hours thesis or non-thesis) with major professor

EM 532 Productivity and Quality Engineering
EM 538 New Venture Formation
EM 539 Strategic Management in Technical Organizations
EM 541 Managing Change and Improvement in Technical Organizations
EM 542 Design of Experiments for Engineering Managers
EM 543 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Engineering Management

EM Thesis Option – EM 500 (6 hours)

EM Capstone Project – EM 501 (3 hours)

Six (6) hours of graduate course work in another engineering discipline may be taken; however, all courses must be in one discipline organized in a logical sequence.

The student may transfer up to 12 hours of courses from other institutions provided they are approved by the program chairman and the Graduate School.