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C-PARC Publications

  • Palies, P. The flame displacement speed: a key quantity for turbulent combustion and combustion instability. International Journal of Spray and Combustion Dynamics. (Accepted)
  • Palies, P. Hydrogen Thermal-Powered Aircraft Combustion and Propulsion System. ASME Turbo Expo 2022. (Abstract accepted)
  • Xiao, G. and Palies, P. Development, comparison, and validation of an all-reactions and all-species H2/O2/N2 mechanism under gas turbine conditions. International Combustion Symposium. (Submitted)
  • Palies, P. Challenges and outlook for hydrogen-based aviation. AIAA Aviation 2022. (Abstract submitted)
  • Xiao, G and Palies, P. Hydrogen/Air Premixed Swirling Flame Combustion Simulations. 19th U.S. National Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. (To be submitted)
  • Palies, P. Combustion Dynamics Mechanisms for Turbulent Swirling Flames: Review and Perspectives. (To be submitted)
  • Palies, P. Mathematical, Numerical and Physical Reacting Fluid Dynamics. Observations and Analyses. Elsevier. (In preparation)