Dr. Uwe Peter Solies

Academic Program Coordinator, Aviation Systems
Clinical Associate Professor in Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering
University of Tn Space Institute
Tullahoma, TN 37388-9700

Phone: 931-393-7289
Fax: 931-393-7533



  • Technical University of Aachen, West Germany, Diplom-Ingenieur, Aerospace Engineering
  • University of Tennessee, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering.

Biographical Sketch

Dr. U. Peter Solies has over thirty years of experience in design, development, and testing of prototype aircraft, and over twenty years of experience in directing and teaching academic courses and Short Courses.

Dr. Solies’ experience includes two years of service in the West German Air Force and over 1300 hours of flying time, including flight testing of advanced composite structure aircraft, gliders and motor gliders.  His analytical work and publications comprise aircraft certification, stress and flutter analysis, human factors engineering, control design, flight testing, remotely piloted vehicles and powered lift aerodynamics.

Research Interest

Advancement of Aero-Space vehicle technology, design optimization, applied aerodynamics, powered lift, stability and control, composite structures, and human factors engineering.

Recent Courses Taught

  • AVSY 506/AE 599 “Aircraft Design” Spring 2013
  • AVSY 516/AE 599 “Aircraft Flight Controls (Stability and Control)” Spring 2013
  • AS 503/AE 515 “Air Vehicle Aerodynamics and Performance” Fall 2012
  • AE 599 “Special Topics in AE: Selected Problems in Aerodynamics” Summer 2012
  • AS 516 “Aircraft Flight Controls (Stability and Control)” Spring 2012
  • AS 503/AE 515 “Air Vehicle Aerodynamics and Performance” Fall 2011
  • AS 506/AE 599 “Aircraft Design” Spring 2011
  • AS 503/AE 515 “Air Vehicle Aerodynamics and Performance” Fall 2010
  • AE 422 “Aerodynamics” Summer 2010
  • AS 506/AE 599 “Aircraft Design” Spring 2010
  • AS 503/AE 515 “Air Vehicle Aerodynamics and Performance” Fall 2009
  • AS 506/AE 599 “Aircraft Design” Spring 2009
  • AS 503 “Air Vehicles” Fall 2008
  • AS 522 “Experimental Flight Mechanics: Fixed Wing Stability and Control” (with Corda, Muratore) Fall 2008
  • AE 422 “Aerodynamics” Summer 2008
  • AS 506/AE 599 “Aircraft Design” Spring 2008
  • AS 509 “Introduction to Aircraft Structures” Fall 2007

Selected Publications

  • U.P. Solies, R. C. Allison, M. C. Leigh, In-Flight Drag Measurements on Manikins, AIAA-2012-2857, presented at the 28th Aerodynamic Measurement Technology,Ground Testing, and Flight Testing Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, June 25-28, 2012
  • U. P. Solies, A. Bogershausen, Wind Shear Effect on Final Glide,
    AIAA-2011-926, presented at the 49th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, Orlando, Florida, Jan. 4-7, 2011
  • “Wind tunnel Tests of a High Lift Generation and Stall/Spin Recovery System,” with D. Nowak,  Journal of Aircraft, Vol. 37, No. 3, May-June 2000, pp. 383-389.
  •  “Numerical Method for Estimation of Propeller Efficiencies,” Journal of Aircraft, Vol. 31, No. 4, Jul. – Aug. 1994, pp. 996-998.
  • “Effects of Thrust Line Offset on Neutral Point Determination in Flight Testing,” Journal of Aircraft, Vol. 31, No. 2, Mar.- Apr. 1994, pp. 362-366.
  • “Flight Measurement of Downwash on the Ball-Bartoe Jetwing Powered Lift Aircraft,”  Journal of  Aircraft, Vol. 29, No. 25, Sept.-Oct. 1992, pp. 927-931.
  • “Low Speed Handling Qualities of the High Speed Civil Transport,” Paper AIAA 95-3912 presented at the First AIAA Aircraft Engineering, Technology, and Operations Congress, Los Angeles, CA, September 19-21, 1995.