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Employees Recognized at UTSI

The University of Tennessee Space Institute (UTSI) annual service award recognition luncheon was recently held at the campus dining hall for employees who have reached career service milestones at the university. The service awards were presented by Robert Moore, UTSI executive director. During the awards presentation, Moore commented “… I look forward to this annual event; this event provides the Institute with the opportunity to recognize those employees that have either started their careers or dedicated their careers to the university.”

Receiving awards for five years of service were Tonya Battles, Charles Johnson and Jack LeGeune of Tullahoma, Dana Hale of Estill Springs, and Borja Martos and Natallia Kaptur of Hillsboro. For ten years of service was Larry Ledford of Tullahoma. William Davis of Winchester and Rebecca Layman of Decherd received their 15-year service award. Recognized for 25-years of service to the Institute, were Brenda Brooks from Manchester, Richard Gulley and Brenda Brown of Decherd, Clara Ferguson and Patricia Burks-Jelks of Winchester, and Peter Solies and Carole Thomas from Tullahoma. This year, UTSI had two employees that reached the career milestone of 35-years of service, the longest service year recognized. The two employees achieving this distinction were Joe Hane and Wes McMinn, both from Tullahoma.

Following the service awards, Moore praised the contributions made by the members of the Employee Relations Committee (ERC). Serving on the ERC this year are Barbara Birdsong and Natallia Kaptur representing Secretarial and Clerical, Laura Horton and Doug Warnberg representing Buildings and Grounds Maintenance, Skilled Trades, Food Services and Technical Services. The ERC Chair, Patricia Burks-Jelks, and the ERC Secretary, Courtney Maricle, were also acknowledged.

Charles Johnson, associate executive director, recognized Sabrina Hurlock for her service as the Dorm Resident Assistant and President of the UTSI Student Government Association. Ahmad Vakili was recognized for his contributions as the Faculty Assembly President.

Patricia Burks-Jelks, director of human resources, closed this year’s ceremony with a new award category. This year supervisors were given the opportunity to recognize employees for “going above and beyond” in the performance of their assigned duties. Those employees receiving special recognition were Barbara Birdsong, Lee Leonard, Courtney Maricle, and Pam Ledford.