Faculty and Staff


We have listed here links that should be of interest to our faculty and staff. If you have suggestions for other links that we could share, please contact the helpdesk@utsi.edu.

UTSI Directory

Quick List Directory (PDF Format)

You can find all UTSI Faculty, Staff, and Students in the UT directory, or by using the people search at the top of every web page.

Scheduling & Services

  • Room Assignment-
    -For classroom assignment, call Ext. 37228
    -For office/storage space assignment call Ext. 37311
  • Event/Room Scheduling-
    Most UTSI meeting rooms can be seen in Outlook public folders. Contact Ext. 37403 for scheduling of rooms or for more information.
  • Audio/Video Services-
    For technical support involving UTSI Online Education events, Call Ext. 37369/35462
  • Smart Rooms-
    Several meeting and classrooms have lcd projectors, sound support and/or computers installed. Call Ext. 37363 for info or assistance.