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Few Vacancies Remain for UTSI Opening Labs to Youths During ASM Materials Camp

The University of Tennessee Space Institute is opening its labs to area high school students who are accepted for an ASM Materials CampSM planned for June 26-30.

While only a few vacancies are left, Bill Hofmeister, research professor and director of UTSI’s Center for Laser Applications (CLA), said the camp may be repeated this fall and next summer. He urged interested students to contact Carole Thomas at UTSI (931) 393-7485 for a registration form. Thomas may be reached by email at

“This is a week-long opportunity for motivated, inquisitive, high school students with math and science aptitude to learn about materials science through hands-on experiments,” Hofmeister said.

“A materials scientist is someone who studies the stuff that things are made of,” added Hofmeister in explaining the agenda of the free camp co-sponsored by UTSI and ASM International, a society for materials engineers and scientists.

In various labs on the Space Institute’s campus, students will work with and study single molecule detection, computer modeling, carbon nano tubes, laser processing, and rockets and jets, Hofmeister said.

“They will work with the actual equipment, testing materials and finding out why materials behave as they do,” the professor explained. “These experiments will be led by some of the top scientists in their fields – professors and research staff from UTSI.”

The ASM Materials CampSM is open to students with basic knowledge of algebra, chemistry, and physics who are entering their sophomore, junior or senior year this fall.

ASM International is a worldwide network dedicated to advancing industry, technology, and applications of metals and materials. The Oak Ridge Chapter – a five-star chapter with more than 300 members – was founded in 1947.

Additional information also is available from Jeane Deatherage, Administrator, Foundation Programs, ASM Materials Education Foundation, Materials Park, OH 44073. Her email address is