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Gautam Receives Chancellor’s 2017 Citation

UTSI graduate student Ghaneshwar Gautam was recently awarded the Chancellor’s 2017 citation for “Extraordinary Professional Promise” at the Chancellor’s Honors Banquet held in Knoxville, Tennessee. This honor is awarded to students who demonstrate professional promise in their work, for instance, outstanding research contributions.

Gautam completed his undergraduate work in Kathmandu, Nepal. He received his Physics Masters of Science degree from the University of Minnesota, Duluth. His work encompasses high-speed diagnostics including atomic and molecular time-resolved spectroscopy. Innovative, published results of phenomena that occur at hypersonic speeds are amongst outstanding contributions in the dissertation research during his 3-year research at UTSI. Completion of his doctoral studies is expected to occur this summer, the Physics Doctor of Philosophy degree examination is scheduled for early July, 2017. His major adviser is Physics and Astronomy faculty member Christian Parigger. Ghaneshwar continues his engagements in natural science and is looking forward to contributing as researcher and educator in a university environment.