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  • Professor Zhao organized a session and gave a talk on Li-ion battery energy storage and thermal runaway in the BEV Congress in Troy (MI, USA) on Jun 8, 2022.
  • Liwen Zhang’s paper “Computational investigation on radiation induced Li-ion battery thermal runaway propagation” was accepted in THIESEL 2022 to be held in Valencia Spain. 
  • Ahmad Hadi Bakir gave a talk on ammonia spray and won the first place in the 6th Wu student competition at UTSI!
  • Professor Zhao gave an invited talk on Lithium-ion battery thermal runaway to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at National University of Singapore, April 29, 2022 
  • Professor Zhao gave an invited talk Thermal-chemical analysis of Lithium-ion battery thermal runaway at the International Battery Seminar held at Orlando (FL, USA) on Mar 29, 2022.
Zhang working with Accelerating Rate Calorimetry
Bakir working with a student at a ocmputer