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Lipscomb Academy Visits UTSI

High school students from Lipscomb Academy visited the University of Tennessee Space Institute (UTSI) on March 7, 2018. The visiting students are participants in Lipscomb Academy’s Ignite program, which provides learning experiences outside of the traditional classroom. UTSI was one of two stops for the students during their field trip, which also included a tour of Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC). The students were given an overview of the Space Institute, which included fields of study available at UTSI, current research activities, and a discussion of some of the more notable alumni, such as astronaut Scott Kelley. Research assistant professor, Lee Leonard, and graduate research assistants, Charles Bond and Julie King talked to the students about their educational experiences and gave demonstrations concerning ceramic and glass technology. The demonstrations are part of an educational program, Glass MATE (Materials and Technology Education), developed by UTSI Associate professor Jacqueline Johnson to inform high school and community college students about ceramic and glass technologies and to encourage them to consider pursuing careers in this field. This program is sponsored by the Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation. The demonstrations included slip casting, thermal shock, and a candy-pull activity. The visit was facilitated by Carole Thomas, the Program Manager for STEM at UTSI and Lipscomb Academy instructor, Lisa Smith.

By: Lee Leonard

Ms. Julie King discusses the properties of glass with students from Lipscomb Academy.
A student from Lipscomb Academy pours a slurry into a mold as part of the slip casting demonstration.