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Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey Visits UTSI

Tennessee’s Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey paid a visit to the University of Tennessee Space Institute on Friday, Nov. 2, visiting with UTSI faculty and staff and then touring the facility. Joining Lt. Gov. Ramsey for the UTSI trip were Senator Jim Tracy, and Representatives George Fraley and Judd Matheny. UTSI faculty and staff enjoyed meeting and talking with the elected officials during a reception in the main lobby.

Following the reception, the group toured UTSI’s main building and the Center for Laser Applications (CLA). Stopping into one of UTSI’s distance education classrooms, UTSI’s Chief Information Officer and Chair of Engineering Management Dr. Greg Sedrick explained the technology that allows students all over the world to take classes at UTSI. UTSI distance education professors use Blackboard, an internet website, to post classes, messages, assignments and even hold on-line exams and post grades. Students have access as well to download classes, get their assignments, take exams and check their grades.

At the CLA, Dr. William Hofmeister, CLA Director, walked the group through the facility, highlighting the state-of-the-art lasers and the new cleanroom. Dr. Hofmeister discussed some the outstanding research that CLA faculty and staff are working on, including laser materials modification, nanotechnology, nanofluidics, nanomaterials for lowering the cost and increasing the detail of mammograms, and bio-medical applications, including eye modeling and screening.

From the CLA, Lt. Gov. Ramsey and Representative Matheny toured nearby Arnold Engineering Development Center, which played a crucial role in the establishment of UTSI in Tullahoma.

LT. GOV. RAMSEY VISITS WITH UTSI PERSONNEL—Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey visited with the faculty and staff at The University of Tennessee Space Institute during his tour of UTSI on Friday, Nov. 2. He is shown above, at right, with UTSI COO Dr. Don Daniel and UTSI Distance Learning Coordinator Penny Morris. –UTSI Photo by Shanna Relford

LT. GOV. RAMSEY AT UTSI —Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey is shown above, at left, during a reception at UTSI along with the faculty and staff just before his tour of UTSI on Friday, Nov. 2. Next to Lt. Gov. Ramsey is UTSI’s Center for Laser Applications Director Dr. William Hofmeister. Directly across from them is UTSI COO Dr. Don Daniel, and in the back is Rep. Judd Matheny.
–UTSI Photo by Lisa Lehman

LT. GOV. RAMSEY TOURS UTSI’S LASER CENTER—During Friday’s tour of UTSI’s Center for Laser Applications, UTSI Professor Lloyd Davis is shown at right discussing some of his research with, left to right, Rep. Judd Matheny, UTSI’s CLA Director Dr. William Hofmeister, Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, and Sen. Jim Tracy. –UTSI Photo by Laura Horton