Material Science






  • A+ Materials Science and Engineering Glossary of Terms
    The AZoM (A to Z of Materials) website contains a large collection of information based on the Internet. Information is located in a directory of information (Materials, Applications, Jobs, etc.); a searchable database of websites of materials research organizations, suppliers, and publications; and, a searchable database of materials data (from NIST). There is also a news briefs section.
  • BUBL: Materials science
    Collection of links to websites with materials science and engineering information.
  • Materials Digital Library
    This resource is part of the NSF’s National Science Digital Library (NSDL) program. It contains a number of article and fact databases related to various materials science topics. Many of the individual databases are listed in the appropriate sections of this guide.
  • Materials Science Resources on the Web
    Materials science web sites. Maintained by Iowa State University
  • Matweb
    A searchable database of material data sheets, including property information on thermoplastic and thermoset polymers.
  • Materials Research Center at The University of Chicago
    Addresses fundamental scientific problems of technological significance which require an approach that transcends traditional disciplines.
  • nanoHUB
    A website to bring together instructional materials on nanotechnology for colleges and universities. It is part of the National Science Foundation’s sponsored Network for Computational Nanotechnology.
  • Physics Reference Data NIST
  • Rensselaer Institute of Technology Nanotechnology Center