Meal Ticket Plan

Pre-paid meal tickets can be purchased at the UTSI Business Office by cash, check or credit card, and non-student tickets may be bought in the dining room.

A “meal” is anything you get from the cafeteria line of equal or lesser value of the plate lunch (meat and 2 vegetables) plus bread, dessert and coffee or tea. Soup and sandwich is also considered a “meal”.

The cost of the meal tickets are non refundable.

Student Meal Tickets

(available to any currently registered UTSI graduate

  • Option 1: $125 for 21 meals with no expiration date.
  • Option 2: $110 for one month’s” worth of meals (the month for which the ticket is sold), but use it or lose it. The ticket expires at the end of each month.

Please NOTE: The purchase of either of these tickets by UTSI dorm residents is EXEMPT from state sales tax. Non-dorm students must pay sales tax on the base price as shown above.

Non-Student Meal Tickets (available to UTSI faculty, staff and off campus guests)

  • Option 1: 13 meals (the ticket says 12 and one free meal) for $81.94 (includes tax).
  • Option 2: 5 meals for $30.00 (includes tax).
  • For UTSI employees there is no expiration date. For non UTSI guests, the tickets are only good for 60 calendar days.