Mechanical Engineering




  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)
    Dedicated to bringing people and information together to advance manufacturing knowledge.
  • von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics
    A non-profit international educational and scientific organization, hosting three departments (aeronautics and aerospace, environmental and applied fluid dynamics, and turbomachinery). It provides post-graduate education in fluid dynamics and encourages “training in research through research”.



  • A Heat Transfer Textbook
    Access to the 3rd edition of this introduction to heat and mass transfer oriented toward engineering students is available at this site. The full text of the book may be downloaded free of charge following registration. Revisions are posted regularly.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic Resources Online
    Aims to provide an overview of the vast resources of electronic information available to those working in computational fluid dynamics. Details are given of academic institutions, companies and organizations. A database of CFD related projects is available, along with a database of people working with CFD. Special topics addressed include: turbulence; multigrid methods; mesh generation; adaptive mesh refinement; discretization schemes; solution of linear systems; finite element methods; and parallel computers.
  • e-Power and Propulsion
    A speciality web portal designed to serve as a free one-stop web information resource for anyone working in the areas of propulsion, power, and combustion research, education and directly related topics. Contains news, useful tools for students and professionals, a research funding news database, links to useful sites, journals and magazines as well as an image gallery.
    Provides free resources for Fluid Dynamics and Flow Engineering
  • eFunda: Engineering Fundamentals
    Online publisher for original engineering content and software. They offer over 30,000 pages of engineering fundamentals and calculators.
  • Flownet
    Flownet from Engineering Design System Technology in San Jose, California, is a Microsoft Windows-based computer-aided engineering (CAE) program for calculating fluid flow in a piping loop or network, handling incompressible Newtonian single phase or vapor-liquid two-phase flows.
  • Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering : Dr. Hubert Chanson’s Gallery of Photographs
    More than 900 fully documented photographs of structures and phenomena in the fields of fluid mechanics, hydraulic and environmental engineering are available here in JPEG format, provided by the Reader in Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Water Engineering at the University of Queensland, Australia.
  • Fluid Power Journal
    The official publication of the Fluid Power Society, which is an international organization for fluid power and related motion control professionals.
  • Fluid Power Net International
    A worldwide network of fluid power research laboratories. Its objective is to develop close research co-operation between member laboratories and industry and provide research facilities worldwide.
  • JET Impingement Database
    The JET Impingement Database is a bibliographic database of over 1500 abstracts from journals, theses, proceedings and papers. It covers jet-impingement phenomena and engineering applications for the transfer of energy and mass by evaporation or sublimation by the action of a single-phase fluid on a solid surface. Publications included are in English or are those translated into English. It is updated on a regular basis.
  • Top Ten Links for Mechanical Engineering
    Provides listing of top ten favorite mechanical engineering sites according to TenLinks, Inc.
  • Virtual Album of Fluid Motion
    The virtual album of fluid motion is both a simulation and visualization project for the numerical study of stationary and nonstationary flows in two and three space dimensions. It is based on the flow solver FEATFLOW 1.1 and AVS 5.0 software from the FEAST Group in the Mathematics Department at the University of Dortmund.


  • Wind Tunnels of NASA
    Although wind tunnels are among the most important tools of aeronautical research, this book suggests that these facilities have remained the least understood. This may be partly because the instrumentation and calibration are complicated and difficult to understand and partly because the researchers that use wind tunnels too often speak in language intended for their peers and invented for their particular disciplines. Whatever the reason, this book (NASA SP-440) aims to bridge the gap between engineer and layman.