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Moeller Receives UT President’s Citation of Merit

Trevor Moeller, UT Space Institute, associate professor and graduate program director, mechanical, aerospace and biomedical engineering was nominated for the University of Tennessee President’s Award. The award was established to annually consider the valued and distinctive contributions of employees across the statewide UT systems and, ultimately, to recognize four honorees—one in each area of the University’s three-part mission to educate, discover, connect and support. Moeller received a citation of merit for his service and acknowledge his status as a nominee for the honor.

Moeller was among an elite group of just 30 President’s Award nominees selected from more than 12,000 University employees statewide. While he was not chosen as one of the four award finalists, to have achieved nomination for this award by his peers is an indication of his place among the University’s most stellar employees.

The President’s Award was established to pay tribute to the vital role of employees in fulfilling the University’s mission and to celebrate those whose exemplary achievements serve as a model for their colleagues.

Moeller was invited as President DiPietro’s guest to attend the State of the University address on February 21 in Nashville as he recognized the four President’s Award winners and paid tribute to the good work of those that were selected and nominated.