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New Associate Professor Hired

Buddy Moore, Executive Director of UTSI, is pleased to announce that James Simonton, formerly the Assistant Professor with the Department of Industrial Engineering at Texas Tech University, has joined UTSI as an Associate Professor for Industrial and Information Engineering and as the Director for the Online Education program. He holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Texas Tech University.

“James will be a welcomed addition to the UTSI faculty. A skilled professional, he possesses a diverse background, which includes both academic and industrial experience. I expect James to be instrumental in the continued success of our Online Education and Engineering Management Programs,” said Moore.

Simonton brings over 20 years’ experience in industrial management and research and seven years’ experience in academics to UTSI. His current work involves the commercialization of a biomass to urea technology project. The work in this area are both domestic and international and have provided Simonton with extensive experience in the protection of intellectual property, obtaining private and public funding, legal issues associated with commercialization, and addressing the problems associated with a startup venture. A result of his work he has filed two provisional U.S. and two international patent applications, as well as his recent appointed as the Chief Engineering Officer for BioNitrogen Corporation of Miami Florida. Simonton and his wife, Tammy, have relocated to Manchester from their home in Texas.