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New book published by UTSI Professor, Christian Parigger and Jim Hornkohl

Christian Parigger has been with the University of Tennessee Space Institute, (UTSI) since 1996 as an Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy, working and conducting research in the Center for Laser Applications, (CLA).  His main focus is on fundamental and applied spectroscopy, nonlinear and quantum optics, ultrafast phenomena, ultrasensitive diagnostics, biomedical applications, and atomic and optical Physics, (AMO). 

He and his colleague, James Hornkohl (Jim) had worked together since his career began at the institute until Jim passed away 3 years ago.  Jim’s focus was on spectroscopy of diatomic molecules, the application of spectroscopy in diagnosis of combustion, plasma, and rocket propulsion.  His lifelong work focused on the design of an algorithm for the prediction and fitting of computed to measured molecular spectra and to provide inferences of parameters such as excitation temperature. 

Together, they wrote, “Quantum Mechanics of the Diatomic Molecule with Applications;” which was published in November of this year.