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Lynn Edward Reed

Lynn Edward Reed

Adjunct Associate Professor




Lynn E. Reed is an Associate Adjunct Professor for the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Tennessee Space Institute and a full time employee of the University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services. His professional interest are furthering knowledge in risk management strategies and excellence in industrial product quality improvements and cost mitigation. His current work is associated with quality, environmental, and energy management systems and environmental / regulatory law.

From 1974 to 1995, Lynn worked as an engineer in a chemical manufacturing plant. He worked primarily in production and engineering management responsible for training, manufacturing, safety, scheduling, personnel, engineering, maintenance, and environmental management associated with his operating area. From 95 to 96, he taught high school math and algebra before joining the University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services (UT CIS) in 1996 while completing his MS and PhD degrees.

From 1996 to the present time, Lynn has worked for UT CIS as an engineering consultant providing technical assistance to Tennessee industries across the state. Much of his last ten years was devoted to work in risk assessment and risk management strategies in collaboration with a major OEM located in Middle Tennessee and its extended North American supply chain. He sees risk management as one of the most significant challenges facing manufacturers and suppliers in the 21st Century. He spent the last three years working on research into the impact of formal supply chain training on reduction of manufacturing defects and costs for the automotive industry.

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Engineering Management
  • Industrial Quality Management
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Industrial Risk Management
  • Industrial Problem Solving
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Automotive Core Tools
  • Environmental & Regulatory Law
  • Waste Reduction & Mitigation


  • Applied Probability & Statistics
  • Design of Experiment
  • Applications
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Process Improvement
  • Process Reliability
  • Quality Management
  • Energy Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Defect Reduction
  • Risk Reduction
  • Cost of Quality


  • PhD, Industrial Engineering, University of Tennessee Space Institute, Tullahoma
  • MS, Industrial Engineering, University of Tennessee Space Institute, Tullahoma
  • BS, Chemical Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville