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Phillip Fulmer’s Visit to UTSI

Former University of Tennessee’s head football coach and current Athletic Director, Phillip Fulmer presented a seminar entitled, “Working Together for Success,” at the University of Tennessee Space Institute (UTSI) on June 4.  Originally from Winchester TN, Fulmer was met by local enthusiasts, all sporting Tennessee orange and conversing with personal connection with Fulmer.  He was delighted to be at UTSI and impressed by the brilliant faculty, students, and staff, unbelievable facilities, and beautiful scenery.  He spoke about being a coach for many years and the young people he’s been privileged enough to mentor.  He learned to work with others to accomplish great things over the years.  Fulmer closed his seminar by reminding the audience that it is important to know who we are, to maximize our strengths, minimize our weaknesses, and to look at challenges as opportunities.

UT Athletic Director Phillip Fulmer addressing the audience in the UTSI Auditorium.
Phillip Fulmer stopping for a photo in the UTSI Lobby