Research and Development Plans

  • UTSI has established the spin lab to produce fibers and further developed various related technologies
  • Develop commercially viable heat treatment
  • Develop various forms of carbon fibers
  • Develop different carbon fiber composites
  • Support academic programs as much as possible
  • Form a consortium of interested universities, labs and industrial partners to help accomplish the above goals
  • Support commercial development of low cost carbon fibers.
  • Design of new approaches to aligned spinning
  • Develop various forms of isotropic pitch fibers
  • Extend the applications of carbon fibers in thermal managements

Commercial Activities

We believe that long term success of our carbon fiber program at UTSI hinges on a commercial partner to help support R&D efforts and to develop commercial products.

This may be accomplished through: cultivating commercial funding means not available to UTSI (or academic institutions).

Selected interested parties teaming with UTRF appears to be a viable forum for a commercial enterprise.