Research Facilities

Our unique blend of research facilities and resources allows UTSI to support large scale research, yet our size allows us to give graduate students and research customers personal attention throughout their projects. From initial conception and preliminary testing through full scale mock-ups and final data analysis, our research support team can assist our faculty, students and research partners to accomplish their objectives.
We invite you learn more of our research capabilities. The summaries presented in these pages are not meant to be all inclusive descriptions of the UTSI facilities. Our test facilities change as different experiments are installed and removed. Efforts to update the descriptions are made periodically, and more current information is available from the research contacts.

Water Tunnel

The water tunnel laboratory is available for high Reynolds number flow modeling studies. The water tunnel has a 15” x 20” x 60” test section and the water speed is infinitely variable from 0 to 3 ft/sec. Up to 6 different colored dyes may be injected for flow visualization.

Low Speed Wind Tunnel

The Low Speed Wind Tunnel Facility contains a subsonic, single pass, ambient air wind tunnel. Precise air speeds of 0 – 250 fps can be controlled through its 14 inch high, 20 inch wide, 3 foot long test section.

High Speed Wind Tunnel

The High Speed Wind Tunnel Facility contains a supersonic, blow-down wind tunnel. The test section measures 8 inches high, 8 inches wide, and 4 feet long. The nozzle configuration determines the Mach number for M £ 2 (but typically low subsonic to 1.4).

Propulsion Laboratory

The propulsion lab consists of a high bay assembly area with a 3 ton overhead crane and has 5 test bays capable of being reconfigured for various research projects. Each bay has 16 inch thick steel reinforced concrete walls. Each bay has high pressure air, shop air and water and power services.

Shaker Table

The Shaker Table Facility consists of a Ling B335 shaker table capable of random, sine, and shock modes. The shaker can generate 17,500lb force total load, 150 G and up to +/- 0.5 in displacement. It can be operated from 5 to 3000 Hz and has a 70 in/s max velocity.

Vacuum Chamber

The Large Vacuum Chamber Facility includes a cryogenically cooled, computer controlled 9-ft dia x 20-ft long vacuum chamber, capable of maintaining a baseline pressure of 0.1 microtorr. The chamber is outfitted with a helium-cooled cryosurface with an active area of about 36,000 sq in. The cryosurface can be cooled to about 20K and at that temperature can absorb a 900W heat load.

High Temperature Combustion Facility

The High Temperature Combustion Facility contains a combustor capable of generating a hot plasma in excess of 2800°C. The fully instrumented and remotely controlled facility is capable of using various fuels and fuel slurries to fuel the combustor.

Acoustically Treated Anechoic Chamber

The Anechoic Chamber measures 11 ft. x 11 ft. x 8 ft.